Contemporary Extension to a Listed Property in Wimbledon

We proudly present an extraordinary contemporary extension to a Grade 2 listed property, embracing the beauty of the past while celebrating modern living. This stunning addition boasts panoramic views that unfold through large sliding windows and doors, seamlessly merging the interior with a captivating terrace. The exterior is adorned with elegant copper cladding and a striking copper roof, blending sophistication with timeless charm. As you explore further, you will discover a gracefully cascading set of stone steps leading to a private and lush verdant garden, creating an inviting outdoor sanctuary. Inside, the modern interior is bathed in natural light, enhanced by three circular skylights with beautifully softened edges, adding a touch of elegance to the space. This project harmoniously balances tradition and innovation, offering a unique experience that showcases the allure of panoramic views, copper accents, and serene outdoor spaces, all embraced by a contemporary and inviting interior. Immerse yourself in this architectural masterpiece, where the past meets the present, creating a perfect union of old-world charm and modern sophistication.


Our Guide to Building Your Dream Home


Our Guide to Building
Your Dream Home