Contemporary Family Home in Wimbledon Village

The "Nordic Roman Retreat" is a visionary contemporary new build house, harmoniously blending elements of dark Roman-style brickwork and a sleek zinc roof, resulting in an awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece. This luxurious six-bedroom property is designed to evoke a sense of modern elegance while paying homage to the client's Swedish heritage. Perched gracefully on a gentle slope, the house features a cantilevered rear elevation that showcases breath-taking views of the lush garden and natural surroundings. A spacious terrace extends from the rear, seamlessly merging the interior and exterior living spaces, perfect for entertaining and relaxation. A defining feature of the "Nordic Roman Retreat" is the ample use of large, glazed sliding doors, flooding the interior with natural light and granting occupants panoramic views of the picturesque landscape. This seamless connection to nature enhances the serene atmosphere and creates a haven of tranquillity. The interior design and layout of the property reflect a harmonious blend of modern Scandinavian aesthetics, offering a unique and personal retreat for the client. The fusion of these influences results in an extraordinary home that truly embodies the spirit of the client and their Swedish heritage.


Our Guide to Building Your Dream Home


Our Guide to Building
Your Dream Home